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The Global Sun Oven is the best commercially made solar oven on the market. It gets up to 350 F, folds up for portability, weighs just 21 lbs, and will last a lifetime. I use the Sun Oven almost every day.

With this oven, as long as you have a clear, sunny day, you can cook in the middle of Winter!

Build your own solar water heater.Click Here!

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Food Preparation Insurance for When Disaster Strikes...

The AMERICAN MADE Prep Stove (patent-pending) will allow you to cook a basic meal and ensure pathogenically-safe drinking water using only the fuel that you can find around you. With the sticks and other biomass fuels you probably have in your backyard, you can make a cooking fire in the Prep Stove that will ensure that, in an emergency, you and your family will have one of your basic needs met.

Be prepared with a Prep Stove.

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Lot's of solar cooking information-plans, organizations

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Solar Cooking BOOKS

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